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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

I'm looking for a statement something like: "The Playstation 4 requires an online connection to use." If there's no physical media and no game discs to buy, Sony effectively will eliminate the second hand market, something the game industry is dying to do.

I'm enjoying this blog:
Take a drink if the Playstation 4 requires an always-on internet connection.
Take two drinks if always-on DRM is described as a benefit to consumers.
Finish your drink if the crowd cheers that previous statement.

I'll have no part of a cloud based console. What the fuck is the point of that? I'll happily go back to PC gaming if the future of the console market is based around getting assfucked by game companies that are going to bully consumers into paying for their bullshit no-media software, reeking of senseless "social media" features. I'm paying for it = I want to hold it and put it on my shelf. Non-negotiable.

(From Wikipedia):

Announced titles

This is a list of games currently announced for the PlayStation 4.
Title Publisher/Developer
Deep Down
(working title)[11] Capcom
[12] Bungie
Diablo III
[13] Blizzard Entertainment
[14] Evolution Studios
Final Fantasy
(TBA)[15] Square Enix
Infamous: Second Son
[16] Sucker Punch Productions
Killzone: Shadow Fall[17] Guerrilla Games
[18] SCE Japan Studio
Watch Dogs
[19] Ubisoft Montreal
The Witness
[20] Jonathan Blow
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