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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

Forget DVD, it's a dying format. But streaming is a great place for Star Trek, either Netflix or Amazon or both.

Their goal is to ramp up subscriptions by offering original content you can't get anyplace else. So they trot out some big names like Fincher and Spacey based on the fact that they are seeing a lot of fans of those guys watching stuff, but Star Trek is a bigger name with a more loyal and fanatical audience and all the series (except I guess ENT?) are on Netflix streaming already, so in addition to new subscribers, they can tell which existing subscribers to market the show to, with great precision and at low cost.

Of all the new series they could do, what's more likely to be the killer app - the one series that people would subscribe to the service for, regardless of what else is offered - than Star Trek? (or Star Wars? Disney should be doing a deal with Netflix, too, they're already pretty cozy.)

CBS is cozying up to both Netflix and Amazon, and is doing an original sci fi series (Under the Dome) this summer based on the idea of showing it both on CBS and Amazon and getting revenues from both sources to offset the budget. If they only showed on CBS, it probably wouldn't do well enough to justify its existence. Star Trek is in the same boat - CBS's audience is wrong. But the early adopter techy types who subscribe to Netflix and Amazon are just the right audience.

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Making new adventures for online streaming and a Netflix premiere, seems to be "the in-thing" these days. A television broadcast might be secondary before too long.
I wouldn't write the obituary of traditional TV quite yet, it'll survive for a while yet with sitcoms, CSI and sports. But Star Trek is a poster child for exactly the nichey sort of show that can't find a home on traditional TV anymore, but is custom made for subscription streaming. It's a huge name that can attract a loyal following, and it matches the Netflix or Amazon customer base much better than it matches the CBS audience. The same type of person who is the first to make a switch to a new technology is also likely to be a sci fi fan.

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