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Re: Are the Borg the perfect enemy?

To an extent, the Borg are another offshoot of Star Trek's distaste for human modification in any way. Eugenics: bad, Cloning: Bad, Balanced societies in perfect equilibrium and reaching homeostatis: Bad...and of course cybernetics, mind networking/uploading: bad. In this sense a cyborg race controlled through subspace is non-individualistic, a horror. Such distaste for general modifications is far more likely to lead to our destruction than the other way around.

I do plan on revisiting the Voyager Borg episodes soon, I forget some details, but I always felt that the Voyager episodes made the Borg seem even more powerful...the sheer numbers of assimilations, the size of the uni-complex and Borg Territory. They were defeated only by drastic, unconventional means, including time travel. They survived the loss of possibly tens of thousands of gigantic cubes to a rare superior race (Species 8472) and proliferated afterwards.

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