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So canon really doesn't mean all that much. Dwelling too much on what falls under that label just gets in the way of enjoying the stories being told.
If that was the case then the 2009 movie didn't need to explain the whole alternate timeline thing as a way of preserving what came before.
But that wasn't about worshipping canon as a holy principle. It was about considering the audience's (and creators') affinities and trying to balance the need to create something new and unbound by continuity with the desire to honor and carry forward what came before. It wasn't about what label you stick on a thing. Canon is just a label, and labels are not the sole and absolute source of meaning in the universe the way some people seem to imagine they are. They're just descriptions or approximations of more fundamental things. The label "canon" is a description that relates to certain aspects of creativity and continuity, but it's just a description. There are more important, ambiguous, and complicated things going on underneath it, and those real, meaningful things are a more worthy focus of our attention than the mere label.
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