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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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So McCoy's outfit changes between shots in the same episode? If that is so, then yeah, that would be a mistake. But if his outfit happens to stay the same in the same episode but different from other episodes, maybe not. I guess I'll take a look.

edit: Did anyone notice that one of the earliest episodes had Scotty wearing the same insignia he wore later on as identified as a mistake by ZapBrannigan?

Are we really so sure as to the meaning of these insignias?
Yes, after the second pilot episode the science insignia and the ship services insignia were switched on the uniforms. That is why Scotty is wearing the science insignia in the second pilot episode and Astro-sciences physicist Sulu and Dr. Piper (and Dr. Dehner) are wearing the ship services insignia in the second pilot episode.

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