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Re: Spoiler-ish predictions from current STID trailer

It's pretty darn obvious that what lie beyond the glass wall in the trailer, is identical to the cell from the picture we've all seen of Cumberbatch in the brig.

In other films where we've seen two people "touching" their hands to either side of a glass wall, invariably, one of the two is incarcerated, and the other a visitor. Seeing as Abrams makes his films for mainstream audiences, and NOT the fans, it's pretty much a safe bet that this stereotypical prison visitation scene, is intended as an homage to other prison visitation scenes, and is most likely not a bit of misdirection designed to make a small faction of Trekkie go apeshit.

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The Enterprise is destroyed in this movie, from what I saw in the Super Bowl ad.
Er... no. What we see in that ad is a ship of fairly common Starfleet design, albeit with nacelles that are shaped nothing like those of Enterprise, wrecking into a bay. Moreover, you can tell by the skyscrapers that are in the foreground of the shot, that this ship is freaking huge compared to Enterprise.

I'm guessing it's a long-lost and forgotten colony ship from the earliest days of Starfleet, and the source of both Harrison, and his ire against a Federation that he perceives as having essentially abandoned/forgotten him and his fellow crewmates. A colony ship also pretty much explains the cryo-tubes we see in the ad, and the fact that there's a really big wreck, and presumably at least a few resulting fatalities, pretty much explains the funeral scene we see as well.
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