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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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Wasn't there a rumour sometime ago that Cumberbatch's villain was a protege of Weller's character?
I heard a speculation to that effect, but it didn't sound like anything more than some fan's wild guess.
Oh, I remember now. It was around the same time, Peter Weller was cast, and Benicio Del Toro was briefly courted. There was some impossible talk about him reprising Paxton and that the main villain could be Colonel Green. Just the usual join the dots fan theory in the absence of actual evidence to go on. Based on who he'd played previously in Star Trek and the WWIII era person they revered.

I think there'll be a close relationship between Weller and Cumberbatch's characters though. The protege thing, I recall reading along with the CEO description, "Do I look like an alien?" and "he has his own ship" details that came from Weller at some red carpet event appearance covered. He showed Anthony Pascale an image of his son sat in a Captain's chair, on a bridge not unlike the current Enterprise set. There was no online posting of that personal momento. Just described for those in search of clues. CEO wasn't to do with Paxton being a business man but rather Executive Officer, with the actor's agent more used to talking with the former, confusingly putting Chief in front of it.

Therefore Alex Marcus as areference to April's first officer, seems to be a piece that's fitting into place.
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