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Re: TNG re-released on DVD

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The packaging is pretty sloppy. The image of Troi is clearly from the pilot. Picard, Crusher, and Data are from season 1 while Riker, Worf and LaForge are from later seasons and are the only ones with collars.
How is it sloppy? And does it really matter if they used Troi from season 1 and other characters in different seasons?

People are really reaching to try and shit on TNG being re-released on dvd.
This is nothing more than a business tactic to clear out their warehouses of the unwanted DVDs, while passing it off as a new product. It's the same old product, but given a new coat of paint to entice consumers who don't know any better. Most of us either already own the original box sets or are getting the Blu-rays. Who at this point wants to drop $300+ on a TV show that's been on DVD for a decade, and has been replaced with a superior product at nearly the same price?

Bad idea. All it would do is confuse the average Joe and reduce Blu-ray sales. The last thing TNG HD needs right now is new competition from the old product. Obviously the different departments at CBS are not talking to each other.
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