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Re: Wertham lied

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Everything doesn't have to be grim and gritty.
No, it doesn't, and that's exactly the point. Everything HAS become grim and gritty, and anything that isn't is automatically (and incorrectly) written off as "campy".

And that's just sad.
Well, that's a nice false dichotomy you've got there, but I'm having none of it.

Alidar Jarok wrote: View Post
I think his point is that attempts at realism have been interpreted as grim and gritty.
Yes, that is part of it. I get the impression guys like beaker really do see anything with shades of moral ambiguity or complex characterization as "cynical" and stereotypically "grim and gritty," when that's not the case. There's nothing cynical about acknowledging that real people are flawed and make mistakes.
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