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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits

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And in other news, I picked up an oversized hardcover book called The Promise. It's a compilation of three graphic novels that were released individually. It tells the story of what happened after the events in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The book includes commentary from the author and artist in the margins as well as a sketchbook at the end with notes on the characters and the changes that were made to their attire. It's a good keepsake for Avatar fans.
Oh, heck... I figured there'd be a collection eventually, but I couldn't wait, so I bought all three volumes individually. I wonder if it's worth it to double-dip. I wish there were some kind of trade-in programů
I almost got the individual issues, but never got around to it. Then I saw this hardcover and snatched it up. It's a good looking high quality book. I'm sure a local comic book shop has one or two on the shelf, so you can go look and decide if you want it. The price on the back says $39.99.

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There's another trilogy coming out soon, a direct followup to The Promise called The Search, which is about Zuko's search for his mother and features the return of Azula. Volume 1 comes out a month from now, March 20, and Volume 2 will be out July 10. No word on Vol. 3 yet.
Looks like that'll be good. I think I'll wait to see if they release a big hardcover for that one too though. Hopefully The Promise will sell well eough for them to put one out.
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