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Re: New Czech cover for Kobayashi Maru

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If only we here in The States got such nice covers. Why do they only release the nicer ones in Foreign Land?
It's a matter of taste. I see the German covers that some US fans rave about and I've even bought a few (ie. Shar and Janos), but, to me, they often look quite odd, perhaps harsh, and not-authentic. Not "better", just different.

As for this Czech cover, sure it's interesting, but there's nothing at all "wrong" with the US cover.

People also use to bitterly complain about the "floating heads" covers of the 80s, which I always quite liked. Boris Vallejo made way for Keith Birdsong. Then, at one point we had quite a rash of starship covers, which often leave me cold, but I know the tech types love them!

And there's nothing stopping you from buying foreign language covers for your collection.
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