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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

The planet would've been stripped of the radiation and the S'ona long gone by the time the Ba'ku realized anything happened.
The Son'a had nowhere to go. Remember that Dougherty swore that Starfleet would hunt them down for their crimes - the location of the Son'a empire was apparently well known, and its military power no match for Starfleet, at least not enough to give them immunity.

The plot necessarily involved making up some scheme for Ba'ku survival. But the plot necessarily could not tolerate the Ba'ku actually surviving. They would know way too much, and they could never be left unaware of the events; it follows that they had to be eliminated.

No where is there any hint of this being anything other than a straight move until
Yeah, until. You don't seem to understand that the movie consists of layer upon layer of lies, which are slowly peeled off, so that finally both Dougherty and Picard realize they have been working on false assumptions. What is left is a situation where the Son'a just plain cannot afford to leave any Ba'ku alive - and the revelation that they would have no desire to, anyway.

If it was about killing, the S'ona could've simply went in and wiped the Ba'ku out and set up shop in the Briar Patch and Starfleet would've never been any wiser.
But that was ruled out early in the movie, by people who were not telling lies. The case was simple enough: Ba'ku was UFP-controlled turf, and the Son'a had no business going into the Briar Patch unless the Federation gave them a permit (and an escort).

If you're intent on committing a crime, why complicate it far more than it needs to be?
Which one is more complicated, murdering a planet with one ship and none of the witnesses any wiser, or murdering a planet with an invasion fleet that has to fight through Starfleet to even reach the intended victim?

If the movie indeed takes place after the Dominion War concludes, the Son'a will have to be very, very nice to the Federation to get their permit. Being allied to the losing side of the last war bodes ill for any attempt to pursue one's goals through further war with the victors.

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