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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

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Obviously, the holoship was never going to reach its destination, as the Ba'ku would then get a chance to reveal the truth to the Federation.

The planet would've been stripped of the radiation and the S'ona long gone by the time the Ba'ku realized anything happened.

The case appears airtight. The Son'a were out to kill, and there was no way they could not kill and still expect to survive.
This is utter bullshit, Timo. No where is there any hint of this being anything other than a straight move until Picard gets involved and starts using the Ba'ku men, women and children as human shields. He came far closer to getting them killed than Ru'afo did. You might want to go and revisit the film.

If it was about killing, the S'ona could've simply went in and wiped the Ba'ku out and set up shop in the Briar Patch and Starfleet would've never been any wiser. If you're intent on committing a crime, why complicate it far more than it needs to be?
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