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Re: Inner Light and other alternate reality episodes

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I'd rather dig out a wisdom tooth with a rusty spoon than watch The Inner Light again. And I'm not sure it's an alternate reality episode, more like a Picard at the movies one.
Geez, what's with the hate?

TIL isn't an episode where Picard watches a movie for 40 minutes.

It's an episode where he gets to live the life that was always denied to him, he gets to have a family, a wife, children, acting as a member of a community, not as the leader of that community. The point of the episode is we get to see how Picard copes with the opportunity to live that life, we get to see how much his family means to him, even though the Picard we've come to know has refused those things. he doesn't want to get married. he doesn't like kids. But then, when he has the chance to do them, we find that he doesn't just do them, he does them WELL. He realises that there is a part of himself that he never knew, and so do we. It makes his character more interesting, deeper and more complicated, because he isn't a man who doesn't want those things anymore. He's a man who knows what he's given up, who knows how rich his life could be with them, and yet chooses to go without so he can be the captain of a starship. Before the episode, he's happy to pay the price of being the captain, but afterwards he's come to realise just how great that price is.
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