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Re: TNG re-released on DVD

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Yeah. It's a bit puzzling why they wouldn't just release the remastered edition in DVD format.
While it wouldn't be cheap to author new discs, I do find that strange after Remastered TOS and with the first three TNG seasons (at least) now in superior quality, even when downscaled.

I already traded the original 2002 DVD sets up for that 20th Anniversary complete pack a while ago. Surprising I still own that actually, given how rubbish the lurid green plastic packaging was and with the Blu ray almost halfway released. Hopefully the 49th disc exclusive content will be transferred across, when the appropriate seasons in HD come up.

Not really interested in another repackage for the DVDs myself. But the silhouette design on those new ones are rather lovely and somewhat iconic. When I think back to the days of VHS, re-releases are practically inevitable. I must've seen the same Star Treks come around again after 7 years or so. It's probably the last gasp of standard definition.
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