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Further, I can't see him not handing command over to Spock, Scotty, Sulu, or even Chekov at the first opportunity.
What about Uhura? Surely she would outrank Chekov!
She's a red shirt radio operator. Chekov's a gold shirt commander in training. Position trumps rank.
Horseshit. Nothing trumps rank.

She's a Lieutenant and he's an Ensign. She outranks him. She's also been on the ship longer, so she's more senior, and she's taken the helm a couple of times in dire emergencies so she's at least as - if not more than - qualified as he is to command the ship.

And before anyone says it, no this does not mean McCoy should get command. Technically he outranks Uhura, but his specialty doesn't make him a bridge officer. Chekov and Uhura are bridge officers because the bridge is where they're qualified to be. Anyone officer qualified to be on the bridge can be trusted with the "conn." That's the point of the qualification. McCoy isn't qualified.
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