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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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We're talking about the use of the word Knight versus Order.
There's no discrepancy there at all; those are just two different ways of saying the same thing. A society or fellowship of knights is known as a chivalric order, or a military order, depending on its nature and purpose. So "Jedi Order" would simply be a term for the society of Jedi Knights. I was just remarking that it seemed odd that the actual word "Knight" wasn't being appended to "Jedi" as much, if at all, in recent years as it was in the past. But that's just about vocabulary usage, not the nature of the organization.
Perhaps we're talking about two different things then.

I was talking about how not all Jedi in the Jedi Order have the rank of Knight. Some—the leadership—have the rank of Master. Is it discourteous to refer to a Jedi Master as a Jedi Knight? I have no idea.

If it isn't, then sure, there's no real discrepancy.

But if it is, then it doesn't make sense to refer to the whole order as an order of Jedi Knights, because they're not all knights.
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