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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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Interesting gap in the timeline, here as laid out by the comic:
-- Starting with the year in the comic being 2258.
-- April disappeared and was declared dead in 2238.
-- April's Enterprise was decommissioned in 2256.
-- That leaves an eighteen year gap where there had to be another captain or captains of the Enterprise April had commanded. Alex Marcus (Peter Weller)?

April also says he was a captain for ten years until his last mission. He doesn't say if all of that was on his Enterprise, but if it was, that means it was built before Nero changed the timeline. Or, it could be April's Enterprise was built any time shortly after the Kelvin incident, and the ST09 Enterprise is the second Enterprise built in that timeline.
Any inconsistencies I'll just chalk up to time-travel shenanigans in the new timeline. Best to just not think about it.
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