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Re: Early starfleet.

There are three countries on the planet out of 196 (depending how you count) today who do not belong to the United Nations.
Plus a couple of dozen that would like to, but aren't even allowed to call themselves countries.

Just goes to show that the UN now is close to its version of 2150, whereas United Earth might have started out just as humbly as the UN in 1945 did, representing fifty-one out of the about 150-170 nations around at the time.

Actually its not. We saw A Constitution next to an NX in In A Mirror Darkly, the Constitution was considerably bigger.

That's just perspective at work. Window row comparisons and the like support the backstage specs of Archer's ship being a bit larger than Kirk's, actually - that is, the saucer is wider. The secondary hull of Kirk's ship is a rather negligible component in any case.

considering all the higher ranked officers are called flag officers arn't all ships then flagships?
Technically, "flag officer" begins at the rank of Commodore, or possibly Rear Admiral. Plenty of starships in TOS with a Commodore in command, possibly also serving as flagships in the sense of leading formations (the Lexington had three "wingmen", but we never learned whether the Constellation had any).

Flagship in the civilian sense of "best, prettiest and the one we want to present in our parades and sales pitches" is probably what Flagship of the Federation means whenever Picard calls his TNG vessel that. It's not something we'd associate with Kirk's ship, considering she's not really non pareil, but it might apply to Archer's.

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