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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

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The JJ Abrams remake series is aimed at non-fans...
Doesn't this ever get old? Do you realize how many nods there are to prior series and even the novels in Star Trek 2009?

I hate when people spread false information because they don't like something.
JJ himself said he isn't making it for the fans. He just throws them a bone but does it in a rather shallow way that shows how little he really "gets" Trek. That's why there are a lot of fans out there who "don't like something" as you call it.
Abrams said what he needed to say to get people to not write this off as 'just another Trek movie'.

As a fan since 1975, I think he "gets" Trek just fine. Kirk is the big risk, big reward player. While Spock is the emotionless side-kick who has a bubbling undercurrent of emotion. Scott is the Scottish guy who fixes the engines. The rest are mostly blank slates.

The people out there who say Abrams doesn't get Trek are usually the ones who don't really seem to get it themselves.
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