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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Has anyone ever called her "Boob Girl"?
Has she ever put anyone's eye out or knocked anyone over by turning around too suddenly? I googled images of Power Girl and Goodness, that girl has gotta have an awfully strong back to be able to hold those up.

And if that suit isn't Industrial Strength, she could give herself a concussion or at least a black eye from running.
Well, she's a Kryptonian under a yellow sun presumably using Kryptonoian, or Kryptonian inspired, materials so I think she's fine as far as all of that is concerned.

There was an issue where she claimed the "boob window" was there because she couldn't think of a symbol to put on her chest like Superman had, so she left the area blank.

Um... Yeah, sure.
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