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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Scorpion Part 1

Janeway and Leonardo Di Vinci, of course this would be Janeway’s holodeck ideal…how romantic. This was immediately followed up by the Borg cube. They need to find a way through Borg space. They nicknamed the passage the Northwest Passage….wasn’t the NW passage wrecked with chunks of Artic ice, which made it difficult to pass. Is this supposed to be a metaphor? It will be hard, packed with hazard, and you may need your safety raft at any given point??? Weapons, scanning, warning systems, medical issues, and food….yeah, they need to figure these things out because they will not be able to stop for a while…

Kes begins having telepathic visions of the Borg, and when Tuvok went to the bridge to tell them, they are intercepted by fifteen Borg vessels. The vessels go by VOY, except one which scanned them. When VOY caught up to the Borg vessels, they found them annihilated, which was Kes’ vision. They found one life form in the Borg destruction, and Chakotay takes a team to investigate. Kes has another vision while the away team is in the cube, and Janeway orders them out, they get out just as the team encounters a new alien race (the praying mantis looking creatures). The creatures used telepathy to tell Kes, “the weak will parish”. She tells Janeway to fear them rather than the Borg. Kim is infected by this new alien, and the Doctor is having a hard time stopping it. The crew cannot go through the NW passage because of the new aliens. They have to decide if they want to turn around and try to find a new way home, or settle on a planet. Janeway seeks Di Vinci for advice. Janeway decides to reach out to the Borg to make an alliance to fight the aliens. Chakotay offers one of his parabolas to help Janeway with her decision: a Scorpion Tale or Tail. The moral of the story was it is dangerous to create an alliance with the Borg because even if they negotiate a solution how can they trust the Borg to keep their agreement?

When Janeway tries to negotiate with the Borg they beam her onto the cube and she negotiates with them. Just as she is negotiating the new species attack the Borg and she is beamed onto her own ship.

Favorite part: When Janeway quotes Picard, and I liked the touching scene between Janeway and Chakotay when she tells him that three years ago she did not know his name and now she could not imagine life without him; the hand on his chest was very touching.

Least favorite part: When Janeway barked at Chakotay for offering different advice. She has always appreciated counter views and considered them carefully.
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