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Re: Any old timers still around?

Santaman wrote: View Post
^^ I'm torn between hugging you or spanking you.. in any case... would m'dam plz read e-mails and such?

Ah yes..

Yes sir! I will check it out later today. Promise! I don't use that account much any more so it's been quite a while since I checked it. A very long while actually.

Gary7 wrote: View Post
You old timers must have some kind of metaphysical connection or something... How do you all manage to gravitate to a thread like this?
We've been around long enough to know where to find each other. First lounge. Then Misc. After that skulk around in our favourite hang outs.

cooleddie74 wrote: View Post
One thing's for sure: when I first joined the board in 2001 I had no idea it'd turn into twelve years of fun and depravity. I figured it'd be some message board I visited every once in a while to talk Trek.

Man, was I ever wrong.
Indeed. Though my posting has been incredibly erratic over the years after the cancellation of ENT, I've always come back. I have a goal now I think to reach 10 000 posts, something everyone though I'd do ages ago. I was dubbed the next likely Fleet Admiral, the way I posted. Then... things happened. And life. I've got just over 200 posts until I'm rid of the Vice, something I could have managed in a day in 2004. Not any more though. Not any more.
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