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Re: VOTE: Azati Prime / Archer / Wayne

Orac wrote: View Post
I'm not online for a few days and you guys are giving away my prize?

If odo hasn't chosen a theme I'll go with Topless. All of the main cast have appeared in at least one episode topless.
Well, that sounds like a very interesting theme. Great, Orac, we'll have lots of fun with it.

Apologies, everyone, for disappearing on you these last couple of days. I've been home sick, watching this BBC series called Robin Hood where Richard Armitage (Thorin from The Hobbit) plays an awesome villain. I've been in a hotness trance all this time, only remembering that I had an avatar contest to run a few hours ago.

Well, we'd better get on with the show before I forget again ('cause he's looking at me from my avatar ). New contest thread is up.
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