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Re: Adventures in Space & Time & Misdirection?

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I'm not sure that rights were actually a factor for the Brigadier. His SJA appearance was a last minute thing after Freema Agyeman had to drop out, and was put together in eight days or less. It'd be quite a coincidence if that was the exact moment at which Haisman and Lincoln became amenable.
RTD does go on about the legal difficulties regarding the Brigadier in The Writer's Tale, and how Haisman and Lincoln were so uncooperative that RTD had at one point considered giving up.

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I assume they were the writers of the first UNIT story (or whatever serial introduced the Brigadier) to air during the Troughton years?
They wrote the Web of Fear, which does introduce the Brigadier (although he's actually a Colonel) but not UNIT. In fact, a constant foil for Haisman and Lincoln is that since they don't own UNIT, someone they reject wanting to use the Brigadier can just go ahead and use UNIT and create their own ranking officer.

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Argh, I always forget the British system were somehow the show doesn't retain the rights to the characters and stuff. In the US, this is a non-issue. If you write for a show, you know that you don't own what you're writing (I'm sure it's in the contract).

But, this never seemed to be an issue for the Brigadier character the other times he returned in the original series?
It's a puzzling thing. It's been said that Haisman and Lincoln wouldn't let the series use the Great Intelligence after the team had a falling out with the producers over, I think, "The Dominators," yet they let Lethbridge-Stewart be used left and right.
I thought part of the reason Haisman and Lincoln were so uncooperative regarding the Brigadier is exactly because BBC went ahead and constantly used him without their permission? Although, I suppose if there was truth to that they could always pursue legal action.
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