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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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It wasn't just Nero's wife, he lost his whole planet, his whole culture, basically everything but his ship--at least from his POV. Did ya' pay attention to the movie? Cause the motivation for Nero is pretty clear: He's out to 1) Hurt Spock. Not just punish him, but hurt him. 2) Punish Vulcan and the Federation and in doing so (in his mind) save Romulus. He fired on Kelvin before he knew he was in the past--basically just coming out of the blackhole and fired on the first Federation ship he saw, and when he found out that he was in the past he raged and just destroyed the first thing in sight.

He was out for 1/2 revenge and 1/2, in his screwed up way of thinking, doing the right thing. He was motivated by loss, pain, grief, and anger.

Shinzon just came off as a spoiled child that needed a good ass kicking.
Rage can make one act in a irrational and rash manner. But after 25 years he should've calmed down.

Nero's actions only make sense if he was batshit crazy. Which is quite possible. His crew, or at least his first officer would have to be insane as well. Also possible, though less likely.

Thing is, crazy villains tend to be uninteresting, at least for me. But then, we have the Joker in TDK. I guess it's all a matter of presentation.
Would 25 years in a Klingon prison calm you down?
That wasn't in the movie. While it would probably explain his madness, it also raises other issues, as was mentioned in this thread.

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Nero could have just been an asshole. There are plenty on Earth, stands to reason the galaxy is infested with them. I don't think Trek as ever had an asshole as a villain other than that guy in The Voyage Home who let the whales go early.
There's being an asshole and then there's blowing up entire planets, killing billions of innocent people.

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Rage can make one act in a irrational and rash manner. But after 25 years he should've calmed down.
Saying Nero "should have calmed down" in 25 years... haven't you people looked around at some of the mindless hate on Earth today? Rational, sane people see the error of their ways. Sadly there aren't enough of them on our planet, let alone Romulus.
It's true that throughout history there have been some very disturbed people, namely Nazis, Stalinists and others of the kind. Nero could've been a Romulan Hitler or Pol Pot, that's for sure.

I do think those kind of people are rare though, and I didn't believe what Nero went through was enough to put him in a state where, after 25 years, he would still be raging mad and willing to murder billions of people.

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It's hysterical that people think it's worthwhile to nitpick and critique a movie made four years ago that's completely reinvigorated a dead franchise like Star Trek.
Yes, it's quite hysterical to discuss a Star Trek movie in a Star Trek dedicated forum.
E Pluribus Unum!
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