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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

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Doesn't this ever get old? Do you realize how many nods there are to prior series and even the novels in Star Trek 2009?

I hate when people spread false information because they don't like something.
JJ himself said he isn't making it for the fans. He just throws them a bone but does it in a rather shallow way that shows how little he really "gets" Trek. That's why there are a lot of fans out there who "don't like something" as you call it.
Speak for yourself. I loved the movie, JJ got what made TOS great and updated it for the 21st century, IMO.

Just like non-Trek-fan Harve Bennett did for the 80's in Wrath of Khan.
Certainly, some fans had issues with the reboot, but plenty of us liked it just fine. It's not really a "fan vs. non-fan" thing.

Plus, of course, there are plenty of gradations of fandom. It's not like you have true believers on one side and totally clueless mundanes on the other--with nothing inbetween. It's a spectrum, not a binary choice.

The world is full of people (like most of our relatives and neighbors) who may not be able to quote chapter and verse of every single DS9 episode, but who are familiar with STAR TREK and have enjoyed many of the movies and TV episodes over the years.

That's where the bulk of the audience is, not at the polar extremes of hardcore fandom or total ignorance of all things Trek.

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