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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

If I may paraphrase myself from another thread...

There's continuity between shows, but it's basically an illusion, and requires HUGE amounts of willing suspension of disbelief to hold together.

Yeah, it's cool to think Admiral Janeway knew Picard who knew Sisko who met Kirk... but then, how did Kirk get from the rim of the galaxy to Earth and then to the centre (twice if you include the cartoons), when Voyager's galaxy-spanning journey on the fastest ship in Starfleet should have taken 75 years? Why does Deep Space Nine ignore all the cool things hand phasers can do? You have to kind of pretend all the other shows happened differently in the context of whichever one you're currently watching, otherwise episodes like "The Seige of AR-558" look incredibly dumb.
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