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Re: Early starfleet.

I understand the metaphor now, losing the guy to the job, but when I first heard the term "Starfleet Widows" I thought it was about how the human ships kept blowing up on their launching pads.

Asshole does seem a bit over the top if the conceptualism can be linked to real world concerns.

There are three countries on the planet out of 196 (depending how you count) today who do not belong to the United Nations.


Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on on February 17, 2008 but has not gained complete international recognition to allow it to become a member of the United Nations.


In 1971 the People's Republic of China (mainland China) replaced Taiwan (also known as the Republic of China) in the United Nations.

Vatican City / The Holy See

The independent papal state of 771 people (including the Pope) was created in 1929. They have not chosen to become part of the international organization.
The hurley burley membership roster of The League of Nations is as fricking hilarious as it is tragic.
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