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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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Btw, how have the Primeverse novels contradicted the events of Countdown? My understanding is that none of the novels with the exception of the STO novel and an Enterprise novel have taken place after or even during 2387.
Data's return in the novels is totally different to the version in Countdown. In the comic, Data basically awakens in B-4's body. In the novels (without spoiling too much), they explicitly say that Data's memories are too complex for B-4's positronic matrix to handle and their being there is actually causing him damage.
I would also point out that there is a far better argument for making these comics canon than any others by creators in the past. For one thing, there has never been this consistent involvement of creators before in Trek literature, not even Jeri Taylor. For another, it can be argued that the creation of the alternate reality makes it necessary to consider changing the normal practice of only what is on film is canon for that reality because it's quite possible that only three movies and perhaps an animated series will take place in it and simply that the AR is a new and mostly separate unit and thus the old policy need not necessarily apply in this instance.
I see what you're saying, but I have a hard time reconciling some of the concepts in the comics with the movies. Specifically the Narada's cloaking device from Countdown (it could fire while cloaked!) and the intruder countermeasures which skewered Worf in Countdown and vapourized several Klingon technicians in the Nero comic. If the movie ship had those abilities, Kirk and Spock wouldn't have lasted very long once they beamed over! IDK if the movie adaptation incorporates these elements and modifies the story accordingly (haven't read it), but it seems they've taken a few too many liberties to say they're the comics are the exact same continuity as the films.
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