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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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The comics are not actually canonical, as Orci has told us dozens of times.
True, but it's not quite that simple. First, he's made it clear that the reason they're not canonical is simply because the Supreme Court doesn't feel it's right to change the current rule that only what's on film is canon, not that the decision has anything to do with whether or not they believe the comics are canon worthy. Also, he's made it clear that a future court may decide they are canon and he also stated that he wouldn't mind if Countdown were adapted into an animated dtv thus making it canon. Second, he stated in the recent interview that while they aren't canon, the comics are as close you can get to being canon without being filmed which IMO makes them at least semi-canonical.
That the primeverse novels have been freely contradicting events from Countdown in their version of the post-Nemesis continuity makes it pretty clear that they're not canon. The comics are one continuity, the novels another, Star Trek Online a third, all based on TV/film Trek but extrapolating from them differently.

Gene Roddenberry wrote the novelization of TMP, Denny Martin Flynn wrote a post-STVI novel called The Fearful Summons and Brannon Braga co-wrote a comic called Hive. I'm sure they all considered them what definitively "happened" in the Trekverse, but all have been ignored and contradicted by one thing or another. Canon is the body of established work that later work is supposed to remain consistent with. And they haven't.

(not that canon has a very good track record of remaining consistent - see the videos in my sig for examples)
I never said they were canon. I was merely making the point that their canonical status isn't a simple open and shut case, that it's more complicated than Christopher's statement implied.

Btw, how have the Primeverse novels contradicted the events of Countdown? My understanding is that none of the novels with the exception of the STO novel and an Enterprise novel have taken place after or even during 2387.

I would also point out that there is a far better argument for making these comics canon than any others by creators in the past. For one thing, there has never been this consistent involvement of creators before in Trek literature, not even Jeri Taylor. For another, it can be argued that the creation of the alternate reality makes it necessary to consider changing the normal practice of only what is on film is canon for that reality because it's quite possible that only three movies and perhaps an animated series will take place in it and simply that the AR is a new and mostly separate unit and thus the old policy need not necessarily apply in this instance.

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