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Re: Adventures in Space & Time & Misdirection?

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I'm pretty sure that the anniversary special being limited to a single 60 minute episode is probably the biggest bit of misdirection of all. Seriously, where exactly did this revelation of a single 60 minute anniversary come from? I mean other than this notice from the UK Toy Fair?

Seriously... to the best of my knowledge this notion of but a single 60 minute episode to commemorate Who's 50th anniversary has not been confirmed by anyone in a position of authority.
I'm a bit confused as to your point. The Anniversary episode of Doctor Who is 60 minutes long, but there are other programmes (like AAIS&T) that are part of the Anniversary celebrations. I don't see anyone disputing that.

And just so you know, since the contact details have been cut off on that photo, the information at Toy Fair came from the Brand Manager at BBC Worldwide, who would in turn have got it from the Doctor Who Production Office in Cardiff. So it's as accurate as it can be really.
Didn't the BBC's announcement of the special being in 3D also confirm it was an hour?
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