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Re: Early starfleet.

We never really get the impression that the Constitution would have been much of a flagship class. She's just a frontier workhorse, never credited with being the first, the fastest, the biggest or the strongest. (Except for the Enterprise that ultimately gets to hold some speed records but apparently just because godlike aliens throw her around like a rag doll.)

The same goes double for Daedalus: we never hear of this class achieving anything impressive.

In the intervening 100 years, one'd expect to see a dozen frontline types come and go, each of these with numerous kitbashed "sister types". But possibly Archer's ship had already achieved general "interstellar standard" performance, and there would be minimal improvement for the next hundred years. Or the next two hundred, for that matter.

Curiously, NX-01 is retired in 2161 already. Did the type prove to be a disappointment or what? Perhaps the next major type would have been radically different if the NX design indeed failed to pan out.

Timo Saloniemi
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