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Re: Messing with Kirk's Mind

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But Spock's act is still open to interpretation, because Kirk never mentions Rayna again.
Previous TOS episodes rarely influenced later episodes. Any allusions were typically trivial, such as in "By Any Other Name" when Kirk says, "On Eminiar Seven, you were able to trick the guard by a Vulcan mind probe." That was shorthand for "move the story along." Yet in "By Any Other Name" no one became a god after passing through the barrier at the edge of the galaxy, nor did Starfleet benefit from the Kelvin modifications made to the ship's engines. The miracle spores from "This Side of Paradise" are never heard from again. Starfleet never made use of cloaking devices after "The Enterprise Incident." (Although Kirk did manage to make most of his crew believe that his mind was messed up.) Medusan symbiotes never appeared as helmsmen/navigators. The telekinesis from "Plato's Stepchildren" and so on.

In other news, "Specter of the Gun" is another episode that messes with Kirk's mind. What if Kirk had been a fan of some other period in history, or one of the others had been tapped for the virtual scenario? Kirk got a small taste of Talosian mind tinkering in "The Menagerie."

Seeing Finnegan and Ruth in "Shore Leave" might be regarded as a kind of mind messing, to say nothing of Kirk becoming Kirok in "The Paradise Syndrome." How about Elaan's tears? "The Mark of Gideon-prize"? "The Day of the Dove", "And the Children Shall Lead."

How many years is the average starship captain good for before he ends up in the same padded cell as Garth of Izar with a box of crayons?
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