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Re: If Janeway wasn't there, could the Kazon have taken the Array?

They're pirates, when they think they can get away with it.

They wouldn't be able to steal shit, if their victims kept blowing up booty to avoid being raped and eaten.

There was half an hour between the Kazon showing up and Caretaker activating the self destruct because he was sure that he was about to die, and even then the program was going to take "minutes" to run through to boom.

If they distracted him, "isolated "him from his technology or outright shot the bastard before he tapped his bomb, they were golden, since there was just a couple minutes in the red between Banjoman pushing the button and buying the farm, that if they made enough noise he could have forgotten to push that button.

Caretaker could have destroyed the Kazon but he didn't, and he could have killed himself prematurely but he didn't. The old coot wanted every last second of life he could get before someone else, even his own automations had to answer the Kazon question.

30 minutes till Caretaker died.

27 minutes till Caretaker activated the self destruct.

31 minutes till the array blew up.

Anything could have happened.
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