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Re: Adventures in Space & Time & Misdirection?

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Well given we know that at least two classic monsters will be showing up I think that’s highly likely (actually make that three given it looks like either Strax or A.N Other Sontaran is showing up as well).
Strax definitely is, since Vastra & Jenny are back, dunno if the shooting Sontaran in the trailer is him (perhaps in a flashback) or not

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Plus there’ll be a load of other stuff that, from some fans’ perspective may not count, but from the Beeb’s probably does. There will be a Who star on Strictly this year, I’d stake money on that,
And I'd be more than willing to bet it'll be Davison. At the very least he'll be their first choice, I reckon.

(Second most likely would be Bonnie Langford or Catherine Tate)
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