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While I was eating the century egg I was thinking about how dumbed down eggs are to our tastes if we just buy chicken eggs from a supermarket. I've been eating a lot of just laid NOW eggs from my neighbour's chickens and they are far more eggy in flavour, really quite strong compared to regular old supermarket eggs. They are a lot better than the so called free range eggs I've had too, which while nicer are not as noticeably nicer as the ones from next door. We are used to bland eggs as we usually only eat eggs of a chicken as well. If you've ever had duck eggs you know what I mean, they are a robust eggy flavor. I think we've lost EGG as a flavour.

The century egg was like concentrated SUPER egg paste on the inside in taste, the white (which was completely clear blackish green, like gelatine) was pleasant and kind of fresh though that might have been a mental trick of it being transparent. If you wanted to add egg flavour to something you could slice up the century egg and toss it in (which is done with porridge and other things). We don't often think about adding egg flavour because we don't often see eggs as a flavour in themselves.

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