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Kind of wish I followed this thread a lot closer. I've been rewatching DS9 (Finished the Circle Trilogy tonight) and I skimmed through this entire thread thinking I could add some comments but figuring that because it's been more than a year why bother.

To keep it current, I will say I loved Tacking into the Wind, and this was the episode I grew to like Ezri Dax.
I wouldn't mind hearing your comments. I mean, I don't know how much discussion they'd generate, being a year removed, but I'd still enjoy reading them.
Well, there's not all that much to say other than I think from Duet to the end of the Circle Trilogy is probably my favorite long stretch episodes of the series. The more I watch DS9, the more I love the relations between Bajor and Cardassia and the politics of everything and all 5 of these episodes brought that to the forefront and were all written really really well. Also, The Siege has my favorite Jadzia Dax scene:

Dax: Great, seat of your pants technology
Kira: Not your pants Lieutenant, your eyes

Hell, that entire plot in the episode was my favorite of the entire trilogy. I know they tried to get Kira and Dax into a friend relationship (Way of the Warrior anyone?) but it didn't get much better than them in that tiny ship in The Siege.
Ha, see, that all made me smile. Thank you.

I agree, that's a great scene between the two of them. And it's a good reminder of how far the series has come since then. Kira-Dax was a bit of a parallel to Bashir-O'Brien for a while, but that dynamic got tossed into the wind once Worf came along. (Although you do see it changing a bit as Kira-Odo began to develop.) But while the Bashir-O'Brien friendship grew and solidified, Kira-Dax was much less consistent. (Though we do still see Dax attempting "girl-talk" with Kira regarding Odo after the Dominion Occupation.) And now? Jadzia is dead and Kira and Ezri don't have much of a relationship. Bashir-O'Brien has a bit more of a brothers-in-arms vibe to it now, that we haven't seen in Kira-Dax since, well, "The Siege."

Also, I'd never thought of "Duet" through "The Siege" of an arc before, but I like it! (I know it's not exactly what you meant, but it planted the idea.)
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