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Re: OT: The New Haven Chronicles WIP thread

I figured that since like most everything else with New Haven, if I wanted something done, I needed to do it now I'm going to learn to draw people. This is my first attempt...and when I say first attempt, I don't mean first attempt with Inkscape, but rather first attempt ever. So bear with my while I try to figure out how to draw a face that looks like something, people will want to look at.

Anyway, I decide to try and draw Farris. Valeen Farris is one of six major characters in the story and UN's side of the war on Earth is seen from her perspective.
Some back story, if anyone is interested. Farris was in the last week of finals at university when the war started. She finished school, volunteered for the United States Marine Corps (she isn't American though, just to be clear), transferred to the United Nations Marine Corps, and then volunteered for the Advanced Reconnaissance Operations Service. During AROS training, she was critically injured, breaking her back and had to undergo spinal surgery, receiving a newly grown semi organic augmented spinal column. Aside from having to learn to walk again, granted at an accelerated rate do to the augmented spine, she was unable to graduate with her AROS class and was forced to start over.

She's been in sustained combat since graduation and because AROS tend to receive more hazardous missions, she has acquired a number of visible scares from various combat injuries. None have been as serious as her injury during AROS training, but they've all left there mark. She could have the scars fully healed or removed, but she keeps them...for reasons that need not be mentioned here because they're a bit spoilerly. lol

There are a handful of physical details I haven't settled on yet, but I'm going with the idea that she's petite and not Caucasian. I like the idea of this little five foot one woman, being a total badass Marine and an Elite AROS Marine on top of that. This first attempt and her general appearance was influenced quite a bit by the actress Emily Browning. That will likely change some as I refine the, the haircut aside, it could probably stand to use a few more feminine touches. It's better than it was earlier, but it still needs some work. Up until about an hour ago, she looked very much like a young boy...which was weird on many levels.

Almost forgot. The eyes aren't mine. I found them online from a clipart site. I plan on redrawing them, but haven't gotten to it yet.

Anyway, let me know what you think, particularly since I'm new at this. I'll listen to whatever feedback you give me.

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