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Re: Is worf a Federation Citizen

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Also, I don't think the Federation would require its Presidents to only be natural-born citizens. Too many worlds are likely joining the Federation all the time for that to be practical; you'd have a situation where an entire planet full of potential Federation Presidents would be discriminated against for the highest office for upwards of thirty years after a planet joins the UFP. It seems more rational to me to hypothesize that the Federation Presidency is legally open to any Federation citizen, irrelevant of whether they are natural-born or naturalized citizens.
I am pretty sure if the Federation had a natural born citizen requirement, which I am not saying there is, they would apply the natural born citizenship retroactively to all natural born citizens of a newly joined planet. That would keep any, if any, benefits of the natural born citizen requirement and not needlessly discriminate potential Federation Presidents.
A fair hypothesis. Though I don't really see what the point of the natural-born requirement would be in that case; if you're willing to let the citizens of newly-joined worlds into the club, why not just expand it to any adult Federation citizen?

If, say, Worf were to decide he wanted to run for Federation President? I see no reason why someone who has served the Federation for decades, has fought and sacrificed for it, and has proven his loyalty to the Federation time and again, should be denied such an opportunity just because he was born on Qo'noS.
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