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Re: Trek Year: To Boldly Watch Every Episode in One Year

Trek Year wrote:
Thanks for all the messages! There is a very good possibility that I could get burned out. In all honesty, that is part of why I am doing this. I am more or less documenting my experiences on this journey. If I do begin to feel burned out that is where I need folks to support me.
That's the thing providing support, in order to avoid getting burned out I suggest sampling the "cream of the crop" episodes from each series and movies like watching 'Balance of Terror' from TOS then watching 'Best of Both Worlds' from TNG and then maybe Star Trek II, I'd think that would be a much more enjoyable experience for a newcomer than having to sit through the stinker eps in the 3rd season of TOS and the first couple of seasons of TNG. Much, much better than us posting things like "come on you can make it!", "'Spocks Brain' wasn't that bad!"

I also would like to see a new persons perspective on the less talked about shows like DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise, but that doesn't happen if the person gets tired of it and gives up, which is understandable.

I bet the posters here and myself could come up with a decent list of eps to watch that would get you started that would take you on a course that I bet you would find more desirable than having to go through the whole catalog in chronological order. We could even come up with a stinker list to help you get some perspective after watching the good stuff, who knows maybe you will find a guilty pleasure or two lol.

I personally tend to do what you've already done, that is go through a series in order form first to last but I live and breath Sci-Fi and am obsessed with outer space stuff, but not everyone is the same way as I've learned over the years.
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