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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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Just like the reference to "Cardassians" that we heard in the 2009 film, I don't like the reference to races in this time period that should be way out there and not encountered by the Federation yet. I mean, even in the 24th century Bajor and Cardassia were considered way out in "Deep Space". How is it that they have now both been referenced in JJverse over 100 years earlier?
DS9 established that Dax's 22nd-century host Tobin knew an exiled Cardassian poet living on Vulcan, Ilojen of Prim. So we know that the Cardassian species was known to the Federation for as long as there's been a Federation, even if there hadn't yet been formal contact with their government. As an exile, Ilojen may have travelled quite far from home. And maybe he wasn't the only one.
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