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Having the Cardassian arc (which has been running since Season Two, when we were first given insight into the politics and gradual decline of Cardassia) and the Klingon arc (which, as TGB notes, has been running since TNG season three) hit their payoff at the same time is one of the smartest moves the writers ever made, in my opinion.
Definitely. Even the Section 31 material fits in nicely when you consider that, in each of the three story layers, there is a kind of insurrection, or rebellion against authority, with different implications in each case. Worf's rebellion succeeds, Rusot's is defeated, and O'Brien and Bashir hatch their plot to outwit Section 31.

The episode really has a lot of layers to it, particularly with Odo's condition deteriorating even as Bashir and O'Brien struggle with how to find the cure.

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