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The idea that they only reproduce at special times in limited amounts, or the idea that newborn Founders are instantly as mentally developed and morally responsible as any adult, is itself fanwank. There is no evidence for this hypothesis, and unless there is evidence that Founder mental development occurs in such a fundamentally different manner, the rational presumption is that it follows the universal pattern of immaturity and non-responsibility gradually developing into maturity and responsibility.
I don't appreciate being accused of spinning fanwank. I'm questioning your assumptions regarding the Founders and their society. We know next to nothing about them. I'm not saying I'm right, I'm saying you're probably not right, either.

No, the idea that all members of the Great Link bear equal responsibility for the Dominion's crimes is baseless. We have no idea how the internal dynamics of the link -- and until we do, the sane thing is to err on the side of assuming that, as with every other group decision-making process in the galaxy, there are Founder dissidents and Founder apathetics and Founder innocents in addition to Founder elites and Founder decision-makers and opinion leaders.
Don't bring "sanity" into this discussion - this is all fictional! What's sane for humans might be insane for non-humans.

There is no such evidence that the Founders inflict similar mind control upon one-another.
I question whether we can consider the Great Link to even have multiple minds. It can sprout multiple independent entities, but does that mean those entities always exist? Might they simply be aspects of one overmind instead?

I ask you to examine your assumptions about aliens that turn into an ocean of goo.
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