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Re: The Trek Series Fans Want To See On Blu-ray Next Is...

It's ironic how the show that got the least votes in the poll is already scheduled for a BD release, since ENT was filmed in HD and requires minimal effort to release.

As for DS9 and VOY I'm sure they'll get a HD release though I'm not so sure they'll go the extra mile like they did for S1 TNG, but I could see them doing a good job for the live action portions of the series and a halfway decent upscale of the FX shots.

You also have to factor in the fact that the tapes that DS9 and VOY are on aren't getting any younger and will eventually degrade to the point where they'll be as bad as TNG was before the remaster. There is also the cost of starting up a remastering project that was shut down (which also costs money) versus just continuing the restoration process that was already started.

I'm pretty confident that DS9 and VOY will get the HD treatment at some point even if tptb don't bother with a BD, streaming and digital downloads is where things seem to be headed.
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