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Re: Adventures in Space & Time & Misdirection?

I'm pretty sure that the anniversary special being limited to a single 60 minute episode is probably the biggest bit of misdirection of all. Seriously, where exactly did this revelation of a single 60 minute anniversary come from? I mean other than this notice from the UK Toy Fair?

The wording of this notice in no way implies that the series is limited to what is listed on the sign, merely that the series includes these things. My chicken salad recipe includes finely chopped apple and grated cheese, but that doesn't mean it's limited to those two ingredients alone. While it includes apple and cheese. it also obviously contains a lot of other stuff (most notably, chicken). In this case "Includes" pretty much implies "in addition to the usual". Perhaps that's how it's being used in the above notice?

Seriously... to the best of my knowledge this notion of but a single 60 minute episode to commemorate Who's 50th anniversary has not been confirmed by anyone in a position of authority. If you know otherwise, I'd really appreciate like a link, as I've been looking for official confirmation of this since the announcement at the Toy Fair in mid January, and haven't found anything but third-party fan sources parroting it as though it were a confirmed fact, but base this conclusion solely on this above posting from the Toy Fair, and nothing more.

Moreover, I just did a quick search of the news items on the official Dr Who site, and can find absolutely nothing that confirms this "fact", nor which even hints at it.
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