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Quick timeline question, if someone could answer without spoilers because I'm not there yet. I know Calhoun appears in Before Dishonor. Does that take place before or after the final two NF books, Treason and Blind Man's Bluff?

I'm doing a complete novelverse read from DS9 relaunch through the present books. I am currently just beginning the Time For series and haven't read any NF. I'm considering both if and when I should add those, because its a pretty daunting add on.
Before Dishonor takes place before Treason and Blind Man's Bluff. Here's a quick guide:

(During Season 5 of DS9)
  • House of Cards
  • Into the Void
  • The Two-Front War
  • End Game
(During Season 6 of DS9)
  • Martyr
  • Fire on High
  • The Captain's Table, Book 5: Once Burned
  • Double Time
(During Season 7 of DS9)
  • TOTDW: Stone Cold Truths
(During the early DS9 Relaunch)
  • TNG: Double Helix, Book 5: Double or Nothing
  • The Quiet Place
  • Dark Allies
  • Excalibur: Requiem
  • Excalibur: Renaissance
  • Excalibur: Restoration
  • Gateways, Book 6: Cold Wars
  • Gateways: Death After Life
(During the mid DS9 Relaunch)
  • Being Human
  • Gods Above
  • Stone and Anvil
  • No Limits
(During the late DS9 Relaunch)
  • TFTCT: Pain Management
(Just before NEMESIS)
  • After the Fall
(During NEMESIS)
  • Missing in Action
(TNG Relaunch books with cameos)
  • TNG: Q&A
  • TNG: Before Dishonor
(Before DESTINY)
  • Turnaround
  • Treason
  • Blind Man's Bluff

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