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Re: The Pope

Well, if I generalized a bit much I apologize.

But I didn't say celibacy is the driving force, I said it is a major driving force. There is a difference.
And of course not only celibate people turn into pedophile sex predators.

i think, most people would agree that most pedophiles have a psychological predisposition of some kind.
I doubt they go out of their way to be evil.

However, I also think, that suppressing your general sexual instincts will certainly not help keep those darker urges in check if you have them.
There is a good chance it will amplify them eventually... in my layman opinion.

And just to be clear, I don't have seen any studies, so it is not a proven statement. So take it as just an opinion.

That said, are there even any studies on percentages of pedophile priests compared to the general public?

At best, there won't be any difference.
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