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Well the virtual element goes a bit further than drawing pictures, but yes I am not programming anything or advancing the technology itself, I'm only hoping to add the richness of the experience to a VR that will one day come to be part of everyday humanity.
If you're not working on anything in terms of an actual end user product -- with or without software innovation -- then you're not adding to the richness of anything, you're just drawing (elaborate) pictures.

Tell me you own some realestate in Second Life.

I actually think this is almost as important an element as going to almost seems superfluous for me to go there as I already think the development of programs and such technology to be at a point of no return...we are already increasing it at a rate we need for a Singularity.
Then you're content to sit on the sidelines and wait for your faith to be rewarded. Which is fine, but it DOES leave the rest of us (here on this board, at any rate) wondering how real it could really be since the only person who is really excited about it has no educational or practical background in AI science and is otherwise too busy to pursue the subject academically.

I mean, if it's not important enough for YOU to change careers, how important should it be for me?

"Spreading the message" is irrelevant in politics.

Have you considered becoming a lobbyist?

You don't know my views, and aren't all that interested in learning them (your own views are far more interesting to you). Suffice to say, I actually wrote and published a novel that dealt directly with the implications of what YOU would consider "singularity" technology in the developing world. To say that I have "explored" this issue would be a massive understatement.

On the other hand, you strike mas a person who has NOT deeply explored the issue beyond the sweeping assumptions about what should be possible based on the most optimistic visions of futurists. Every single time it has been pointed out to you that these technologies -- or even their development -- will have unintended consequences, you have simply handwaved those objections as "cynical" or "skepticism." When I pointed out to you all the reasons why sentient AI would never be intentionally developed as a labor replacement, you responded by trying to "enlighten" me on the assumption that this was just another ignorant knee-jerk reaction.

You are, in other words, in the exact same position as your chat skeptic: you are convinced that no data EXISTS that could contradict your worldview. You are correct, only insofar as your worldview isn't based on data, but on your personal feelings. Because those feelings are not shared by anyone who isn't a Singularity Evangelist, you are constantly chafing against the other members of the board who keep seeing your threads and responding "So what?"

The big picture includes the good AND the bad. The thing about objectivity is that you do not have the luxury of assuming a positive outcome when evidence for the negative remains present.

And "accelerated change" is another article of faith that has been debunked here time and time again. Your case isn't all that convincing when it depends on concepts that do not bear close scrutiny.

I'll likely be more involved in the process more than you will be, I don't have the skills to go out and create the technology myself, but part of it is being willing to assist, to be accepting when the evidence is present.
Except that:

1) I DO have the skills. It's what I do for a living

2) You're NOT willing to assist; you just said you're "too old to change careers, remember?

3) I accept the evidence just fine. It DOESN'T point to the singularity.

As to the third, what it points to is a revolution in disruptive technology that -- as I once wrote -- could potentially lead to a biggest geopolitical upheaval since the invention of the atomic bomb. It was a point I made very clear to you in a previous thread: Smartphones aren't evidence of a singularity or any other significant progress in the third world, not until the smartphones are DESIGNED AND BUILT in those countries using knowledge cheaply obtained from other sources. So-called singularity technology -- brain-machine interfaces, sentient AIs, memory uploading, etc -- have the potential to shift the balance of power to the developing world if they are allowed to adopt those technologies. The current global hegemony and its vassals abroad have no shortage of reasons to prevent these technologies from proliferating, and have already demonstrated a pattern of doing so even with existing technologies.

Speaking of missing the forest for the trees, I have seen you make NO mention of 3D printing technologies, computer-aided design, CNC machining and industrial automation, rapid prototyping, expert systems, or any other PRACTICAL technology currently in use today, the aggregate of which are ALREADY examples of AI in industry. The trends in all of THOSE fields are leading in an entirely different direction than the "singularity" you have been prophecying here. They lead, among other things, to portability/modularity of both manufacturing and educational infrastructure to such a degree that access to competitive manufacturing capabilities becomes possible even in the global ghetto, both as a force for economic empowerment and as a tool for terrorism and barbarity. The current American Empire has a vested interest in preventing this from happening, although we are essentially fighting against the tide and are destined to lose that race eventually.

If I'm able, I'll also be the first to adopt the technologies, which is certainly a huge part of it
You won't be able to afford them.

You need to re-read my top 5 technologies thread which you participated in, many mentions of all sorts of important, interweaving technologies. In fact that was the pattern I set for my responses.
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