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Re: Quinto: No Trek Stress

The interviewer, journalism student Shannon O'Connor, seemed to switch gears in the middle of the question. It was:

Portraying such an iconic character as Spock in Star Trek and doing so successfully in the first film, what kind pressure does reception of the sequel put on you, if it puts pressure on you at all?
I think he interpreted the question based on the first part as a reference only to playing Spock, so he couched some of his response in the light that he feels no pressure to peform up to any standard set in the first movie.
He then speaks to the broader point of the entire movie, saying that he's excited to get the movie out there, and he feels no pressure about it now because it's out of his hands, and he belives the production people are talented enough to trust them. He does say he feels people won't be disappointed.

Feeling stress isn't the same as being nervous. I think if he'd have been asked about being at all nervous about the reception of the movie and said, "No," I'd be skeptical and raise an eyebrow. Who doesn't feel butterflies?
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